The instructions show the correct number of posts in home Blogspot

Are you are having error Blogspot does not show correct number of articles outside the home? As you install is showing 6 posts but when checking in the home, the number of posts shown are just 1-5.
The majority of you this error is what you exposed new Blogspot and little experience in article writing as well as optimal use Blogspot. Those you have more exposure and experience, who must also know that this error is caused, whether in any template would be the one you use, the error cause is still only have 1:

Error does not show the correct number of posts in the home is by you post Blogspot too long, while the limit shown by Blogspot again. For example, you have a very long article 6, article 6, display settings, but due to the limits shown in the home page of Blogspot can only show the content of article 4, the home at this show only 4 articles.

How to fix error does not show the correct number of posts

How to fix this error is also extremely simple. Not difficult or cumbersome. You just need to pay attention in the process of writing articles is:

-Fix to this error, as mentioned, the error is because the article is too long. Then blogspot delivers a tool in the editor to the article, which is "the dance break marks".
The purpose of this is to cut the jumper switches mark the section posts shown in the home page, label; also the following section will be hidden on the jump break marks in the "Readmore", this will solve the problem of the article is too long to make the home page does not show the correct number of posts.
So, every time the article is finished, the beginning of the content, you should insert the seal into the dance break. What you've written articles and made errors in this article, can on this page the most recent articles and inserts a break into dance to show again as the number of posts were installed.

Other uses of the seal breaker jump in posts

In addition to uses is to interrupt the article helps show the correct number of posts in the home. Then the dance break marks also have other uses. That is the.

Help you create Auto Readmore in RSS and will help you minimize the situations of other people using the tool to steal the content of the article.

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