The new spots, new features on Windows 10 Mobile

Join with _TienAnh _  points through the new features, changes, new spots on Windows 10 Mobile official Microsoft's newly released for the device.
On 18/3/2016, Microsoft has officially launched Windows Mobile 10 for Windows Phone devices running 8.1, though Microsoft only allows for updated Windows Mobile 10 with most of the new devices, and still has some equipment did not reach the Windows 10 Mobile (see how to Windows Mobile 10 as named in the list but cannot find the update). However, the thing to do now, is to learn about the new features, the new point on Windows Mobile 10. To make better use of this operating system.

Change the UI/UX

After you update your device to Windows Mobile 10, and almost did not see any major change isn't it? Yes, the first hits is just like the old interface, the only other is the distance between the Live Tiles were much smaller.

However, it is only superficially, changing, will be hidden deep in the installation of the operating system Windows Mobile 10. The same point through changes in the interface.
1. Background images, adjust the transparency Live Tiles
No longer as Windows Phone with Windows Mobile 10, 8.1, background images were shown on the full screen, no longer obscured by the dividing line between the Live Tiles.

In addition, the All apps (app screen Section when the claws to right), appeared a background picture instead of black like WP 8.1.

Next up, you can change the transparency of the Live Tiles, 100% color can be coated as WP 8.1 or reduce the transparency down to be able to see the photo should be below.

Small changes like this, was giving Windows Mobile 10 a new interface, more vivid.

2. Quick Action, many more custom
Notifications, part is when you paws the screen from the top down, with Windows Phone 8.1, then you only have 4 buttons to Quick Action was shown out (5 machines with screens larger than 5 "). At this time, the very limited, when you have so many options necessary for themselves.

With Windows Mobile, you will have 10 really Quick Action button 16, to show all 16 buttons, you only need to click on "Expand", or top-down claws more again. All the Quick Action required are available, such as the open Note, change the brightness, turn off Wifi ... In addition, with 4 (or 5) Quick Action when collapse, you can still customize as Windows Phone with 8.1.

3. New installation interface and more beautiful
Before you complain that the install of WP 8.1 full text with the word and fuzzy, now, Microsoft has greatly improved the interface settings.

The new interface on Windows 10 Mobile has included similar options together in the same group, before the group will appear the icon shown for that group. Next up is taken exactly the search button up the first section, help you can easily search the custom install.

4. Change in multitasking screen

Multitasking screen of Windows Phone or Windows Mobile 10 is at you press and hold the Back button. Now it has multitasking screen backgrounds, and both the horizontal rotation interface.

On the larger screen devices 5 ", then the multitasking interface appears 1 time 4 application with 2 rows. Still the Paws to shut down applications, more beautiful, more great effects. And the ability to run multitasking also improved a lot.

Changes to the application
Up Windows 10 Mobile, you should start to get familiar with a new term: Universal Apps. Is the application created to run on many devices have different sizes, from running on the phone, to the tablet or on your computer. Only an application, but runs on all devices, it is Universal Apps.

All the required application on Windows Mobile 10 now has a redesigned interface with Universal Apps. You will quite familiarity when using the default Microsoft's new application on Windows 10. Completely different than the Windows Phone application at 8.1. Most of the Universal application will have a Hamburger menu to access the features and custom settings.

The new Microsoft Office
8.1 on Windows Phone, you already own a set of Office. However, it's disappointing when it is almost only used to read the file is mostly, so few features. But, all that has changed on the Windows Mobile 10.

Now, you already own an Office suite with Word, Excel, PowerPoint is the Universal application with full features like changing the font, formatting, image insertion ... and so many other features like file sharing, export. This is one of Microsoft's value changes on Windows Mobile 10.

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